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Rare Cache of Centuries-Old Buddhist Murals Discovered in western Sichuan

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A team of architectural conservators working in the Minyak region of the eastern Tibetan plateau has discovered an unusual temple containing extensive Buddhist murals painted in a style that was previously known only in central Tibet.

The paintings were found in a small temple called Trupa Lhakhang in Pusarong Village, Kangding County. Because of the remoteness of the site, the paintings escaped the destruction of China’s Cultural Revolution, surviving to the present day virtually intact.

Tibetan art historians consulted by Kham Aid Foundation observe that the paintings strongly resemble murals painted in central Tibet, specifically Gyantze, which is located more than 1,000 kilometers from Pusarong. They are tentatively dated at 16th century. It is not known how or why artists traveled from central Tibet to paint murals in Pusarong.

The temple building itself is also mysterious: it is constructed in an architectural style unlike others in the region. Details of roof and door construction, and metal decorative elements on the temple door, suggest influence by another ethnic group, possibly Naxi.
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